Jumping at the chance of online grazing management

By December 16, 2016maiagrazing

Queensland beef cattle producer Andrew Lawrie was already using grazing charts – but when Maia Technology released its Maia Grazing online management platform in 2015, no one was more pleased than him to get away from the paper-based system he’d been using since 2002.

“Using grazing charts to match carrying capacity and land condition to stock numbers led to a massive benefit money-wise for the business,” he said.

“However, I used to spend half a day a month going through the diary and putting the data into a paper grazing chart. So I jumped at the chance to join a producer trial of Maia Grazing.”

Now that he’s using Maia Grazing’s online platform, Andrew can enter data about land condition, animals and rainfall either directly on his PC, or through a mobile phone. He finds the main benefits from using Maia Grazing are saving time, the security of his data security, and ease of access – both for himself and any workers.

“Down the track all my yearly benchmarking data will come straight out of the Maia program,” he says.


His take home message for producers using grazing charts is that using Maia Grazing will save time and improve data security. However, producers who are new to grazing charts will feel huge benefits.

“The ideal person for this platform is someone who’s put off by the paperwork involved in starting a grazing chart – because it doesn’t take much to get Maia Grazing up and running, and the business benefits of making informed pasture management decisions are huge,” says Andrew.

Andrew & Meagan Lawrie (pictured) came on board via MaiaGrazing partner RCS.

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