How your grazing data is key to predictive analytics

By January 16, 2017maiagrazing

Producers have access to more information than ever before but many of those collecting and analysing records are still not making the most of their data. Most look backwards and are not leveraging the power of predictive analytics to see what is likely to happen in the future, which can assist in steering your business in the right direction.

Forecasting your grazing enterprise for the year to come doesn’t mean gazing into a crystal ball. Being able to see into the future with MaiaGrazing forecasts means that risk is minimised and tough times can be planned for, making grazing decisions to maximise profit.

MaiaGrazing forecasting tools make it easy to set targets, run scenario analysis and understand the levers required to achieving your goals. Identifying opportunities to pivot your business and make smart management decisions are all part of data enhancement.

Using your data is an excellent way of understanding your true carrying capacity, optimize production and make informed decisions faster, giving you a competitive advantage. It can also help you understand how your business is performing and see where improvements can be made. Looking at recent data, along with historical data can help you to see long-term trends and allow for seasonal adjustments.

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