Purchase MaiaGrazing through any of our partners.

We work in partnership with organisations and individuals who work closely with graziers on a day to day basis to help them build their enterprise’s performance and achieve their grazing goals.


Alternatively, if you are interested in becoming a MaiaGrazing partner, please call Col Feilen on 0413 697 722


Contact RCS
1300 913 493


Contact Nick Huggins


Contact Practical Systems
1800 624 688


Contact Dick Richardson
0429 069 001

Impact Ag
Bert Glover
0427 486 804

For our USA users
Contact Roland Kroos, Crossroads Ranch Consulting
Ph: 406 522 3862 – Cell: /581 3038

For our UK users contact
James Daniel
Precision Grazing
+44 1566 700394

Interested in becoming a partner?

Contact Col Feilen on 0413 697 722 or submit your details below.

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