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MaiaGrazing is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough.

The MaiaGrazing Dashboard

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Early warnings and suggested actions

If you have known stocking rate benchmarks for your property, MaiaGrazing will provide suggested actions to consider.


Scenario based forecasting

MaiaGrazing learns what an individual farm can do – and then uses this information to forecast future performance based on expected future stocking rates and rainfall scenarios. It’s not a static view of feed versus stock which quickly becomes out of date – it forecasts future scenarios taking into account the cumulative effect of past grazing activity on the farm and the climatic conditions experienced.

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Graze planning and feed budgeting

MaiaGrazing can help farmers plan rather than react – this enables informed and confident decision making, taking advantage of market conditions and better overall farm management. Being able to see into the future with Maia’s forecasts means that risk is minimised and tough times can be planned for, making grazing decisions to maximise profit.

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A dynamic grazing chart

No more paper grazing charts and complex spreadsheets. The grazing chart in MaiaGrazing displays all the grazing records for the property over time, including any planned grazes for the future. By clicking on any graze represented in the chart you can drill down to the specific grazing record and notes taken about the graze as well as make adjustments if required. Like with everything in MaiaGrazing, data only needs to be entered once and any changes update all related records for the property. The grazing chart also provides a simple to use interface where users to make quick plans for future grazes for particular mobs in particular paddocks.


Livestock management and reconciliation

Never lose your livestock or grazing history. Enter it once and that’s it. Easily track stock numbers, mob movements, grazing records, rainfall entry, mob splits, stock class admin, purchases & sales etc. All livestock in MaiaGrazing is managed and tracked at the mob level regardless of how the mob may change over time. The powerful data model which MaiaGrazing operates on, means your mob history is never lost regardless of the complexity of livestock operations and enterprise mix.

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Paddock, stock, and rainfall analytics

MaiaGrazing brings precision agriculture to the livestock and grazing space. At a glance, covering any time period during production A farmer can understand where their production is actually coming. This information can be harnessed to identify areas which may be underperforming which qualifies where investment may be directed.

  • Paddock Grazing yields and Grazing intensity comparison over multiple pasture types
  • Individual paddock grazing and rest period history
  • Individual mob based grazing history


Production & margin analysis

MaiaGrazing can provide instantaneous analysis of a farm’s livestock inventory at both a farm and animal stock class level. Reports can be generated to represent any time period during production and provide instant detail on livestock number changes, purchase and sales values and weight gain during the period.

Access from anywhere, anytime, any device, secure, easy to use – in the Cloud

Built with a deep understanding of what you require to operate an effective and profitable farm our software has a robust underlying model to link land, stock and rainfall measures with mob movements, providing performance indicators to make informed decisions.

Match stocking rate to carrying capacity

Make informed decisions faster

  Optimise production

Save time

With MaiaGrazing … the PLAN becomes the RECORD


Doing what you do anytime, anywhere, produces the record with no extra effort. Always available and always correct.

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