The six advantages of using the MaiaGrazing App

By March 9, 2017maiagrazing

Did you know MaiaGrazing has an app available for Apple and Android users? You can use the app offline, easily view and enter your data even when there is no network connection. The app will synchronise with the online system when a network connection is available, and let you work offline when it isn’t. This means real-time data collection, reducing the time required recording into a notebook then later entering into MaiaGrazing or forgetting.

Here are 6 more advantages to using the App.

  1. Dramatic Time Savings

Real-time collaboration reduces the time required for meetings and updates from team members. All team members can access information about livestock, paddocks and planned moves. Team members can easily enter information into the App in the paddock or yards, which saves double handling of information and reduces the risk of key information not being entered.

  1. Reducing Confusion

Collaboration brings everyone to the same page when sharing information, updates, strategies and grazing plans. As a result, greater understanding is achieved for all team members whether they are in the paddock, yards, station office or head office.

  1. Awareness of current situations and changes

With access to real-time data, not only do you get a complete picture of all of your current information, it also allows proactive decision making.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Communication takes time, so any team members working in the paddock or office will get more done with access to real-time information about paddocks, planned moves and livestock.

  1. Quickly Identify Problems

Real-time information means real-time problem solving; you can immediately take action.

  1. Faster Learning

Using a system to record real-time information can be highly useful in collecting historical trends, recording insights and sharing knowledge throughout the whole business.

What are you waiting for? With all these advantages get recording now by clicking on the app for your device or search MaiaGrazing in iTunes or Goggle Play.

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