Learning Hub Students grasping Grazing Technology

By June 20, 2017maiagrazing

MaiaGrazing is now working with students studying Agricultural based degrees and has teamed with the University of New England at the SMARTfarm Learning Hub, educating students on the MaiaGrazing program. Our Ag Consultant, Bart Davidson, lead the students through the program showing them the new mapping system and many more of the new features.

The aim of the SmartFarm Learning Hub, a UNE led collaboration between 7 universities, is to increase the skill base of higher education students using a range of new agricultural technologies and innovations. Through the MaiaGrazing learning module, students will gain a good understanding of how farmers can use this technology to forecast future scenarios on their farm to plan and manage their stocking rates to maximise pasture utilisation. By using commercially available programs, such as MaiaGrazing, students can learn using real farm data and apply this knowledge when they enter the agricultural workforce.

Course Lecturer, Dr Fran Cowley said the practical and information learned and derived from MaiaGrazing was well aligned with the unit content. “Students are graduating from Australian educational institutions without the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in agriculture, given the new highly technical and rapidly evolving nature of the field. The SMARTfarm Learning Hub aims to bridge this gap,” said Dr Cowley.


Working together, MaiaGrazing and the SMARTfarm Learning Hub contribute to students giving them the established industry tool, linking them with real working farms, to provide a unique learning experience for all students. Outcomes include real industry engagement in the development of teaching materials, attraction and retention of students into study through engaged learning and increased skill base and employability of graduating students.


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